Why You Should Start Ditching Your Loofahs

Why You Should Start Ditching Your Loofahs August 18 2019 By Iradine Cabrera-Deano

After a long day being exposed to dirt and pollution, the first thing you’ll probably want to do once you get home is take a long shower and scrub all the dirt, bacteria and grime away. In most instances, we rely on loofahs to do the job.

Loofahs are a natural fibrous material and are known to exfoliate the skin. In one survey, 2000 Americans were asked about their bathing habits and what they use to get clean. 43% of the respondents said they used loofahs to rid their bodies of dirt and germs. While it’s okay to use loofahs on your body, it’s definitely a big no-no to use it on your face. As a matter of fact, dermatologists are discouraging people from using them at all. Let’s find out why.


Ditch Your Loofah As it Damages Your Skin

The exfoliating effect of loofahs can be addictive because true enough, they do leave your skin feeling smooth and soft. Unfortunately, rubbing your skin with loofahs every time you bathe can irritate and damage your skin. Instead of relying on loofahs why don’t you use your fingers to cleanse and rinse your face? Washing and scrubbing too harshly will remove the natural lipids of your skin, which serves your skin’s natural and protective barrier. Dermatologists also suggest that you use a gentle cleanser when cleaning your face.


Your Loofahs Are Brimming With Bacteria

Joel Schelessinger, a medical doctor and a board-certified dermatologist said that loofahs are loaded with bacteria and you should never use it on your face. He says, “I wouldn’t recommend using a buff puff or loofahs. Loofah sponges are intimate with many unclean areas of the body and then sit around allowing bacteria to multiply within the nooks and crannies of the sponge.”

Bacteria thrive in moist and warm environments like your shower. When you continuously use loofahs on your skin you are putting yourself at risk of infections. If you still have one sitting in your shower you might want to throw that one out.


Here’s What To Do Instead

Don’t spend another dollar on those mesh puffs but instead save that money to get yourself an effective gentle cleanser and use your hands when you clean your face. However, if you really insist on using your loofah, make sure you rinse it completely after every use and let it dry. If possible take it out of your shower. Don’t keep it in the shower as this can cause bacteria, mold and fungi to grow. After every three weeks, replace it with a new one especially if you can already see mold growing in its creases.

There are skin conditions that can benefit from a little scrubbing like patients who suffer from psoriasis. Sometimes dermatologists suggest these patients use loofahs but only limit their use to a couple of times a week at the most and completely rinsing them after every use.



We know how much you love your skin, which is why you should ditch your loofah to protect it. Just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t mean you should. Take it from the experts and say goodbye to your loofah.