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Write For Anavita

You Can Write for Anavita Skin Care!

Anavita Skin Care will republish your existing content, your repurposed content and your new content.

How Does Anavita Skin Care Help You?

We publish to an engaged audience of mostly women readers in the United States. Your content will be promoted to our email audience and to our social followers on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Your post can include a backlink to your own blog, and you can also include a backlink in your byline.

What Does Anavita Skin Care Offer Its Readers?

We deliver content to benefit women so that they can Live the Beautiful Life. It's about looking their best while pursuing the life path that gives them personal satisfaction. It's striving to be better while appreciating their individual uniqueness. We champion a life view that is sophisticated, fashionable, and worldly. We want to help women look their best, feel their best, and lead a joyful life.

What Are We Looking For From You - The Guest Writer

  • Passion about a subject that helps women
  • Solid base of expertise and/or experience
  • An engaged audience on you own blog and/or social networks
  • Sharing your post with your audience




Help women look better (skin care, hair, nails, makeup, fashion...)

Help women feel better (healthy food, fitness, home spa, inspiration, confidence building...)

Help women lead a joyful life (home decor, landscaping and garden ideas, family life, vacation travel, how to build a well-lived, personally satisfying life...)


Writing Style

Our voice is upbeat and casual. We talk directly to the reader.


We publish four types of content:

  • Magazine Style Articles: intro, body, conclusion - 300 to 1500 words
  • List Style Articles: examples - 6 Skin Care Tips For Every Women Over 40, or 10 Challenges To Your Comfort Zone To Build Self-Confidence.
  • Image Sets: entertaining, informative images that can be shared on social media. These would be published in sets, like 12 Mesmerizing Eye Makeup Ideas. A descriptive paragraph can accompany each image with an introduction to the image set.
  • Infographics. A descriptive paragraph can introduce the graphic.


Submitted content requires a main image. The main image will serve as the content header and will also be resized and cropped to 360 x 200 pixels for use as a thumbnail.

Main image specification: at least 750 pixels wide by 420 pixels high, high-resolution, with legible text (if any).
max file size: 100 KB

Body image specification: at least 750 pixels wide, high-resolution, with legible text (if any)
max file size: 100 KB

Infographics: at least 390 pixels wide, high-resolution with legible text.
max file size: 250 KB

You must have rights to use the image, and we may request demonstration of this right.


No pitching.


No linking from the body text to a landing page where readers have to opt-in.


One link allowed from body text to relevant content on the writer's blog.


One link allowed to relevant content on a major authority site (like


A second link of your choice in your byline.


For content published elsewhere that you want us to republish:

Provide us with your desired publication date at most three weeks out. Your submission deadline is the publication date minus 5 business days. If any technical or editorial issues arise, we may need to reschedule the publication date.

For new content you want us to publish:

Provide us with your desired publication date at least 4 weeks out and count back 5 business days. This is your submission deadline.

Editorial Process

For content published elsewhere that you want republished:

Step 1.

Send us the link where it is currently published. We will then contact you with our thoughts.

Step 2.

Send us your text file and images.

For new content you would like to create and publish:

Step 1.

Send us your answers to these three questions:

1. What's the Promise?

In other words...
What will the reader know when they’re done reading?
What will they be able to take action on?

2. What's the Hook?

In other words...
What makes this post different than anything else like it?
What is the WHY that will make people want to take action on this?
The benefits, the value, the “sizzle” (Your hook will likely make it into the blog post headline.)

3. What's the Outline?

Lay out the overall structure of your post and give a few brief details for each section.

We will then contact you with our thoughts.

Step 2.

Send us your first draft with your main image graphic. We will review it and suggest any edits if necessary.

Step 3.

Send us your final draft.


We pay for good content from influencers that help our readers and that can send traffic our way. We are happy to discuss your requirements.

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