5 Troublesome Skin Conditions Solved

5 Troublesome Skin Conditions Solved December 27 2017 By Paula Sherman

Whether you are conscious about your appearance or have some hidden skin conditions, those troublesome spots can be irritating, annoying or just embarrassing. You want to get rid of them fast with no concern to the cost. Here is a list of five troublesome skin conditions with some possible solutions.

Problem one: Raised clusters on the backs of your arms that look like chill bumps

This can be embarrassing because people think you are cold and you certainly don’t want to admit it is a skin condition. The cause for this abnormality could be keratosis pilaris and it is a type of genetic skin problem that is common among those prone to allergies.

Solution: There is no quick cure, especially if it is genetics, but it is manageable. Wash the area with a non-soap cleanser or a hypoallergenic cleanser as either of these help preserve your skin’s natural oils. Follow with a moisturizing cream on the area. A cream with added exfoliants is also helpful.

Problem two: A reddened, painful and irritated bikini line

Some women (and even men) shave their bikini areas. But shaving the wrong way or haphazardly can result in ingrown hairs and can be extremely itchy and painful. Plus bacteria from your razor can potentially aggravate the condition and can lead to an infection.

Solution: Treat the area by preparing a warm compress and pressing it gently down on the area. To prevent future irritations, use a body scrub twice a week to exfoliate the skin that can trap hairs. Make sure that you use a shaving cream or gel and shave either in the shower or immediately after a shower. Also apply a liberal amount of lotion to soften the hair as this leaves your skin less prone to infections.

Problem three: Stretch marks

The most common cause for stretch marks is drastic weight gain, especially during pregnancy. The excess weight gain causes connective tissues to break.

Solution: There are many ways to lighten your stretch marks including applying sunflower oil on the area. Retin-A, lasers and light therapy also helps diminish stretch marks. There are also many over the counter stretch mark creams and lotions.

Problem four: Childhood scars that are still lingering

While they remind you of happy times of fun and adventure, the resulting scars from childhood scrapes can be unsightly.

Solution: Luckily, dermatologists with the aid of advanced science, research and technology came up with a solution to plump an indented scar with filler injections or fat transfer to make it look like normal skin. A raised scar can also be treated with cortisone injections, light treatments or laser treatments.

Problem five: You have rough, scaly whitish patches on your hands, elbows, knees and on your back. This could be a condition known as psoriasis. There are many causes including genetics, allergies and even stress.

Solution: If its stress that’s causing your psoriasis to exacerbate, reduce your stress; stay away from the source of stress if it is possible and learn some stress management techniques. Also treat topically by applying a salicylic acid lotion every morning to gently exfoliate the flakes and at night use a nonacid ointment per dermatologist’s recommendation to relieve the inflammation. You may have to experiment with several lotions to find one that works for you and you may have to rotate several lotions. Some people find daily use of salicylic acid lotion irritating, so you may need to use it less frequently. If you get a sudden attack of the itchies and no lotion around, try ice. Applying it to the itchy spots will help reduce inflammation and give you some immediate relief. Freshly brewed chamomile tea applied warm with a cloth can also relieve itchiness.

These five effective strategies will help your skin look as healthy and as young as ever. Although it may not cure some conditions, it can still help relieve any itching or pain that goes along with it.


5 troublesome skin conditions solved