The Skin Care Guide For The Winter Season

The Skin Care Guide For The Winter Season January 26 2015 By Paula Sherman

As a child it is highly likely that you have had fond memories of winter. Like when you tried to capture a perfect snapshot of an intricately detailed snowflake with your dad’s trusty camera and reveled at it for hours on end or the time when you and your friends dared each other for a snow fight at the park. Whatever it was, we’re pretty sure that winter for you spelt fun and the frigid air on top of the harsh winds probably didn’t bother you at all at that time because all these were masked with fun-filled activities that you and your friends would treasure for the rest of your lives.

But sad to say, as you grow older and become more conscious of your appearance you will without doubt begin to loathe winter. Your reaction to winter ten years back may not be the same now given that you’ve seen firsthand the havoc it wreaked on your skin. So to make sure that you retain that moisture and glow despite the dry and cool air you need to take extra tender loving care of your skin during the cold months of winter and here’s how.

Don’t take too long in the shower

While it may be tempting to stay a little while longer in the shower where we can blast the warm water on our body to counter the cold air outside it is a recipe for disaster. Prolonging your bath time and your contact with warm water will cause your skin to be dry and irritated. If possible keep your bath time as brief as possible and choose soaps that are moisture-rich or soaps that are tailor-made for sensitive skin. And when you’re done bathing gently tap your skin with a soft towel instead of rubbing. You should do this to avoid traumatizing your skin. Moreover, while you skin is still slightly damp never forget to moisturize.

Make it a habit to moisturize

If you make an appointment with a dermatologist because of your dry skin you’ll always, without fail, get the same advice and that is to never forget to moisturize. The winter season steals away the moisture from your skin. Therefore it is your responsibility to replace whatever moisture the dry air took away and you can do this by applying moisturizers. The perfect time for you to dab a generous amount of moisturizer is when you get out of bath.

Put on sunscreen

It is common misconception that sunscreens are intended only for the summer. In case you haven’t noticed, the winter also has a winter sun and when you couple it with snow glare your skin will get all the damage. Try to apply sunscreen on the patches of skin exposed like your face and your hands. Apply a liberal amount thirty minutes before you head out. And if you are staying outside for a prolonged period of time make sure that you reapply.

With these skin care tips bespoke for winter you can revive your love for the cold season without worrying about your skin because you can be assured that despite the weather your skin will still look and feel the same.